Specialist Orthodontic Appliances
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We offer a full range of orthodontic appliances all manufactured inhouse by our qualified technicians, these include:

Removable Appliances

Hawley Retainers, Spring Hawley Retainers, URA, Complex URA, LRA, Roberts Retractor Appliance, Schwarz, 3-D Schwarz, Additional Springs, Bite Planes.Fitted Ribbon Wire Arch Appliance.

Functional Appliances

Twin Blocks, Harvold Appliances, M.O.A /, Bionator, Michigan Splint.

Fixed Appliances

Quad Helix, Transpalatal Bar& Nance Button, Lingual Arch, Palatal Arch, Hyrax Rapid Expansion Appliance, Rick-A-Nator (Including Bands), Rick-A-Nator (Excluding Bands), Bonded Retainer (Twist-Flex Wire includes Transfer Jig), Bands.

Vacuum Formed Appliances

Essix Retainers, Bleaching Trays both standard and Gingivally trimmed, Orthodontic Repositioners, Bite Raisers.

Study Models

Standard Models (Cast and trimmed in occlusion), Private Models (Cast in Crystacel Plaster (Soaped & Polished)), Duplicate Models.


Clear (4mm or 5mm), full range of single colours, two colour, three colour, four colour, multi-colour, stripe, harlequin and special designs, contact for more details on options available.


Orthodontic Screws, Sheet Springs, Ball End Clasps, Soldering, Repairs.

Soft thing machine / Essix, Essix Ace, anything else